Fabled Truths VOL. 1-3

Fabled Truths Volumes One, Two and Three are collections of self-portraits and poetic essays that
rejects the 21st century post-racial myth, which claims that by acknowledging race and ethnicity, we
promote racism and xenophobia; the books instead embrace the value of acknowledging the
discriminatory impact that certain seemingly race-neutral policies can have on immigrants and
communities of color. These darkly humorous collections documents the disparate impact and the
ongoing role discrimination has provided as a segregate. The writing and the artwork within serve as a
platform for the reader to question the legitimacy of structures that limit access to democracy,
justice, education, and the economy. Recognizing the enduring power of language, image, media,
the arts, and public opinion to combat or perpetuate discrimination against immigrants and people of
color in the United States and across the globe; Fabled Truths, through its use of iconology, the
mundanely familiar, outright racism, sexism and other divisive “isms” shines a blinding light on the
many structures that perpetuate discrimination and limit access over the targeting of individual actors
who engage in discrimination.

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