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 We are dedicated to promoting literacy and the arts by way of entertaining readers through the stimulation and the elevation of their thoughts on issues and subjects that range from the socially relevant, to the trivial.  We further strive to extend our reach into wellness concerns of the body, the mind and the spirit. We honor the power that comes from combining the written word with images and are solid in our belief that pictures when coupled with words can equal to 1000 plus understandings. 

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The Thinking Person’s Coloring Book

The SweetTreats Coloring and Reflection Book contains exquisitely hand drawn coloring pages, fun Visual Thinking Strategies writing and reflection prompts and deep, “for real” and humorous mock one on one interviews Brandzs’ 22 unique and quirky tween/teen characters. A creatively stylistic and balanced blend of traditional sophistication and modern trendiness makes The SweetTreats Coloring and Reflection Book a must have for all ages 

“OK, now get out your dictionaries, thesauruses and all of those electronic devices and resources that you use for educational purposes. . .and yeah, a few art supplies too. . . “Why?”, you may ask. Come on now. Really? We know you read our first book. You didn’t really think that we at BRANDZS were going to just let you sit around and simply abcdefg color like an airhead did you? And yes, this is a coloring book (the art supply list will come after this lengthy explanation).

The main purpose of this book is to get you to think, to think about what you see and to even think about why you think what you think. We know that’s extra and that you think that we are extra, but we like it like that here at BRANDZS. And Yeah, you can eventually get your baby hands around a crayon and your pea-brain on to color some really cool coloring pages and contribute your own drawing skills to the mix in the meantime. So calm down, and believe us when we tell you, the thinking part won’t hurt a bit. . .”


 Sweet Treats 

(You Are What You Eat)

There is a saying that goes: “You are what you eat.”   We know that sounds like something that came out of the mouth of some eighty-year-old *Kung Fu *master that lived one hundred years ago on a snowy mountain before you were born.   We also know that some of you may be munching on a piece of bacon right now and *fantasizing that you will *magically *morph into a pot-bellied pig or something.  (Don’t get grease on the book please) Or maybe some of you are on your fifth cheddar cheese stick going into *nightmare *mode thinking that you are about to be slowly melting on some juicy burger smothered in onions.

Words are funny like that; you can mix words together and make them mean whatever you want. . . You can turn a BFF into a *frenemy and a frenemy into a friend. You can create *drama with words, calm down “yo* momma” with your words.  You can paint pictures in someone else’s head by using the right words. So be kind and be very careful with the words you use.

Coming Soon: The SweetTreats (you are what you eat) book series

SweetTreats (you are what you eat) Book Review

“Sweet Treats: You Are What You Eat”

If you are looking for a great book to help empower and inspire a tween or teen girl in your life, Sweet Treats (you are what you eat) is sure to be a hit. Through dynamic, colorful illustrations, the authors – a unique mother/daughter duo – provide messages of resilience and strength. Sweet Treats’ characters are beautifully and creatively drawn girls, representing a wide variety of delicious desserts, who each share a message meant to inspire and empower. The vibrancy and creativity of the images alone make this a fantastic book to add to your library. However, the powerful and compelling message of Sweet Treats is what makes this book stand out.

– KATHY DUMLAO Director of Education and Interpretation,


Fabled Truths, Volume 1 Book Review

Fabled Truths :

Self Portrait And Poetic Essays

With themes wrapped around tabooed comedy routines, Fabled Truths, Volume Three is the third of three collections containing easy, but uncomfortable, self-portraits and poetic essays addressing social situations through parodies of American iconography, uncompromised profiling and mindless stereotyping. The book presents skewed modern snapshots of what a long history of bias has left on the shared consciousness of Americans, guiding the viewer’s outside and deeper inside the skins of what their own surface assessments of cultures, social practices and gender identities might be, with a challenge to cross the battle-lines between the fables and the truths of those assessments. Fabled Truths is not just about race and sex, the poor or the rich. It is about differences, minute and profound, the fragile separations between individuals, and how those thin lines deem every human being subject to becoming somebody’s punch-line, somebody’s joke, the center of a one-liner. Crossing paths in content, these 16 self-portraits and 20 poetic essays do not entirely define each other, very much like “those people” who live in the other part of town. Those “others” who we have to drive past to get to our part of town. Those “others” who, based on “a casual two second encounter. . . lead to our complete/one minute summation/of the “others” entire existence. . .”

Lobotomy Dreams :

Volumes 1, 2, and 3

Lobotomy Dreams is a fully illustrated, three-part collection of literature and reflections based on the author’s one Act Play of the same name. Spiritual and biting these books and images explore love relationships, frenemy dealings and social issues as they relate to “the other” and self.

More to come………..


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