Lurlynn Franklin

– Author | Co-Owner of Brandzs

Lurlynn Franklin is the co-owner of BRANDZS. She is an author, a visual artist, and a designer of wearable art and collectables who uses her extensive background in education to drive her visions.  Having served as an Elementary/Middle School Visual Arts Teacher for 13 years, an advanced placement Art/AP English in high schools for 3 years and Studio Art, Art History, and Basic and Developmental Writing instructor the college level for 4 years, Ms. Franklin has remained an advocate for combining the creative disciplines of Art and Writing to boost critical thinking skills for children, teens and adults.

Kaylie Peace Franklin

-Co-Owner of Brandzs

Kaylie Franklin is the co-owner of BRANDZS, where she is a writer and graphic designer of the visuals. She is also a photo and video editor who uses the programs Video Star and After Effects. She has won multiple awards for her art and video editing and as a result has gained a followers on social media. Currently, she is a senior enrolled at Keystone Online School. Her passion is making creative content for others to enjoy.


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